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William Bundy
4 years ago
I've finally removed SDL2 and the CRT (on windows) from my personal codebase! I've been furiously hacking away at a platform layer + needed libs for most of April, and while it wasn't ready for Ludum Dare, it's coming along now; I can get a window + OpenGL graphics + input working with no issues.

Removing the CRT proved to be an issue for a lot of the free/public domain libraries I was using. After correctly mapping intrinsics and other library functions to my own code, adding my own special-case sort functions to replace instances of qsort, and commenting out ... Read More →

William Bundy
4 years, 1 month ago
Rituals isn't going to get much development attention from me for at least another month. I've been working on some of the design elements behind it, and I feel like I've got a better idea of what will actually be in the game and how all the parts interact. However, until I'm ready to start testing them, I'd rather not go into detail; everything is liable to change until it's proven to work.

So what happened in March?

Well, I joined Handmade Network's education initiative! You can read Abner's post about that. Over the last couple weeks, I found some ... Read More →

William Bundy
4 years, 2 months ago
...or not as the case may be. I got to streaming a few times this month, but overall there isn't much to show.

See you all in March. Read More →

William Bundy
4 years, 3 months ago
I've been having a difficult time trying to sum up January 2017. My best attempt has been "it's been a month, certainly," which isn't particularly descriptive. This post also spans a lot of December, too, which doesn't help.

Let's see... For the Ludum Dare I rewrote a lot of my personal library code, giving me more concrete ideas for how to clean up Rituals, and required me to make some tweaks to my metaprogramming/header tool. In terms of new features, I only added a few things: variadic args procedures to make text handling easier, an easy to use memory pool, ... Read More →

William Bundy
4 years, 5 months ago
Originally titled "Where did October go?"

Due to some upsets back in October, I've had a messy time streaming Rituals. Throw in HandmadeCon, the horrible cold I brought to it (which has lingered since), and life in general, and I'm pretty far behind, both with development and writing about the project. However, development continues!

Rituals' code has gotten pretty messy, or, at least, has some messy parts that the important code interacts with, and I find this a pain to work on. As such, most of my development has been outside the Rituals project, essentially forking the ideas, borrowing code, ... Read More →

William Bundy
4 years, 7 months ago
Marking the first week Rituals has been on HMN (...a day late since it's taken me so long to write), I'd like to start this series to record what I've worked on and track how much I've streamed (approx 11h30m this week). From last Tuesday, I've added a basic spacial partitioning and a simple animation system, while working on particle effects and tweaks to entity rendering.

Funnily enough, these all end up being interrelated, but I'll go through them one-by-one, anyway.

Spacial Partitioning is the general term for what I've added in the form of a grid. It's a fixed ... Read More →

William Bundy
4 years, 7 months ago
I'm very excited that my project has (finally) made it on to Handmade Network! Rituals kind of started on stream, subbing for the Handmade Dev show, so to have it on feels natural.

At this point, the game itself is very much in development, with almost no gameplay to speak of. The plan is to build a game much like a procedurally-generated The Legend of Zelda, but with survival and production/automation aspects to vary and expand gameplay while giving longevity to individual sessions. I don't like discussing design specifics yet because much of the game's planned design is ... Read More →